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Manufactured homes are one of the most accessible and affordable paths to homeownership. Today’s models are in many ways equal in quality and appeal to traditional houses, and they require similar insurance protection. If you’re buying a new property or already own a mobile home, protect it with coverage that you can count on.

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At Moving Home, we think that buying a manufactured home should be a simple and enjoyable experience. For over 30 years, we’ve helped people across the country achieve just that result with industry-leading lending solutions and superior customer service.

We partner with CIS Insurance Agency to bring that same experience, innovation, and enthusiasm to helping our customers get comprehensive and dependable manufactured housing insurance policies priced within their budgets.

What Is Manufactured Home Insurance?

Manufactured home insurance is specific coverage for single- and multi-sectional, factory-built homes that meet the building codes established by the 1976 Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. It provides a safety net of protection for your property, belongings, and more in an emergency or disaster, whether you own the structure or both the building and land.

Who Needs Manufactured Home Insurance?

You aren’t required by law to have coverage. Still, you may need it if your housing community requires it or you’re financing a loan. It also makes sense to carry adequate coverage even if you own your property outright, given the amount of time and money you have invested in your property. Fortunately, there are plans to meet virtually every home and budget.

What Does Manufactured Home Insurance Cover?

Just like traditional home insurance, you can customize manufactured housing coverage to match your needs. This way, you gain a double advantage by ensuring you cover everything you want to include while only paying for the specific coverage you need.

In most cases, a manufactured home insurance policy will cover:

  • Physical damage: You can structure your policy to cover physical damage to your home, attached structured like decks, outbuildings and even your landscape.
  • Liability: Insurance can protect you if someone in your household damages someone else’s property or a guest, contractor or someone else gets injured on yours.

How Much Does Manufactured Home Insurance Cost?

The cost of a manufactured home insurance policy varies based on many factors. Some are automatic, and others you can adjust. The top pricing influences include the condition of the home, where it is, your personal claims history, how much coverage you want and how much you want to pay for your deductible. As with other insurance coverage, you may qualify for discounts to reduce the premium amount.

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