Manufactured Home Loans in Alabama

If you live in Alabama and have always dreamed of owning your own home, now is the time to act. You enjoy lower pricing and flexible financing offers when you purchase a manufactured home. Manufactured homes have seen a significant increase in quality over the past decade, and so much so that it can be challenging to tell them apart from other homes. Whether you live in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery or elsewhere, you can find a home you love and can afford with the right financing.

When you need a manufactured home loan in Alabama, CIS Moving Home is here to help. We offer a range of programs to assist you with securing financing. You can find terms that work with your budget, and you still get the affordability you desire. Do you already own a manufactured home? We can also assist you with refinancing.

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Financing Options in Alabama

Our customers live everywhere from the Gulf Shore to the border with Mississippi or Georgia. Wherever you are located, you can choose from our flexible manufactured home financing in Alabama. Some of our options include:

  • Just Home: Typically referred to as a chattel loan, this offer is for a moveable property. With this loan, you can structure your repayments over a period of time with competitive interest rates. You will own your manufactured home upfront and can place it on family land or in a manufactured home community.
  • Home Turf: Known traditionally as land-in-lieu financing, this option is ideal for those who have land but need help financing a home. You can use your land as a down payment on your new home to reduce any additional cash or out-of-pocket expenses. You don’t need to survey the land or build a permanent foundation to qualify.
  • Coexisting Property Loan: This option can be used if you’re looking to buy both the land & the manufactured home from someone – meaning the home has been used. However, you can’t qualify for a loan if the home has ever been moved from its original land.

Types of Manufactured Homes

To get the manufactured home you desire in Alabama, you need to pick a home that qualifies for financing. For a real estate loan, you must find a manufactured home built in 1976 or later, and it has to be at least 400 square feet. The home must have a permanent foundation, too.

You can use a different type of loan to secure financing for a manufactured home that doesn’t meet those standards. When you buy a manufactured home, you may not own the land it sits on, and it may be in a manufactured home community.

We have two kinds of loans for manufactured homes. The Just Home program covers loans when you don’t need to purchase land, while Home Turf is for those who need to buy land with the home. You can even use your land as a down payment on the new manufactured home.

Securing Manufactured Home Loans With CIS Moving Home

At CIS Moving Home, we want to make homeownership accessible to everyone. To do that, we’ve assisted people like you with finding loans that fit their budgets for more than 30 years. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Experience: Our team has helped potential homeowners in your position before. We understand the rules governing different types of loans, and we can steer you to the right one for your unique circumstances.
  • Expertise: Our experts are familiar with manufactured home loans, which differ from traditional home loans. We have loan officers specializing in this field to advise you on all your questions, including what programs you qualify for and how long it will take to close.
  • Competitive rates: You can find an affordable way to purchase your home when you choose CIS Moving Home. We provide rates that fit into your budget. We can also assist you with refinancing if you want to pull money out of your home or need to find ways to lower your monthly bills.

Qualify for Manufactured Home Financing in Alabama

Do you qualify for our financing program? We require a credit score of 600 or higher. The minimum loan amount is $10,000. If you would like to work with us, fill out our application to get started, or you can contact us to discuss any questions. We look forward to helping you.

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