Mississippi Manufactured Home Loans

Have you been thinking about purchasing a home in Mississippi? The beautiful southern state has something for everyone, from the bustling urban landscapes of Jackson to the stunning scenery around Tupelo to getting in touch with nature at the many gorgeous parks. Mississippi has a low cost of living and mild weather year-round, making it an attractive place to live.

If you want a more affordable home option, consider purchasing a manufactured home. These options are less expensive than traditional houses but offer the same space and amenities. You can find exceptional manufactured home loans in Mississippi when you work with the experienced team at CIS Moving Home.

CIS Moving Home is a mortgage lender that has loan officers specializing in manufactured home loans to help you find excellent deals. Our services make homeownership accessible to more people by offering low rates and flexible terms.

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Characteristics of Mobile and Manufactured Homes in Mississippi

Mobile homes made after 1976 are generally referred to as manufactured homes. They have at least 400 square feet of space and aren’t mobile because they have a permanent foundation. You can put your manufactured home on land you purchase or already own or build it in a mobile home community. Similar to manufactured homes, modular homes are built in a factory. However, modular homes are only built to about 80-90% completion and arrive at the job site in multiple pieces. These are often indistinguishable from traditionally built homes upon completion.

Manufactured Home Financing Options in Mississippi

Manufactured home financing includes several programs available through programs administered by the federal government. If you want to find the right loan, consider some of these offers:

  • Just Home: Just Home is a chattel loan designed for any type of manufactured home you will put on land you are renting or leasing, which could be family land or in a manufactured home community.
  • Home Turf: The Home Turf program is a fast and easy lending solution for those who own land already and want to put a manufactured home on it.

CIS Moving Home Offers Mississippi Manufactured Home Loans

CIS Moving Home has spent more than five decades assisting potential homeowners just like you. We understand what it takes to find suitable manufactured home loans in Mississippi for your unique circumstances.

We offer low interest rates and favorable terms. People who work with us are surprised at how easy the application process is because you can complete it online. We use our experience to match you with the program that gets you everything you desire, taking into account whether you plan to purchase land or not.

How to Qualify for Manufactured Home Mortgage Financing With CIS Moving Home

Our manufactured home loan process in Mississippi is simple. To qualify, you need to have a credit score of at least 600. The minimum loan amount is $10,000. If you fit this criteria, you can begin filling out an application today. Contact us if you have questions about our mortgage loans, the closing process and down payments, or types of manufactured homes.

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