Refinance Your Manufactured Home 

If you took out a loan years ago or you’ve been watching historical lows for interest rates and wondering whether you could get a better deal, it’s time to explore ways to refinance your manufactured home. You can save money on your monthly payment and payout less interest over the life of your loan when you refinance a manufactured home loan.

Who will do this for a manufactured home? CIS Moving Home is one of the nation’s distinguished manufactured home refinance companies. We have helped people like you achieve their dreams of manufactured homeownership for more than 30 years, and we refinance manufactured home loans with chattel loans and other options.

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Refinancing Features & Requirements

Benefits of Refinancing

Types of Homes

Features and Requirements

Refinancing provides flexibility. You can refinance a manufactured home without land or with your property. To qualify, your home must:

  • Be more than 400 square feet.
  • Have been built before 1976.
  • Sit on a permanent foundation.
  • Not be located in a manufactured home community.

In addition, you must own the land the home sits on to refinance your manufactured home.

Benefits of Refinancing a Manufactured Home

Manufactured home refinance rates have trended low for years. You can take advantage to:

  • Decrease your loan term: You can shorten the length of your loan, reducing it from 30 to 20 years and allowing you to pay it off quicker.
  • Lower your interest rate: Many people refinance manufactured homes to get a better interest rate and pay a lower amount of interest over time.
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Types of Homes We Refinance

Whether you are refinancing a double-wide manufactured home or a triple-section, we can assist you. Our modular home loans cover a range of manufactured home styles, and we can find the one that works best for your needs.

If you’re unsure whether we can cover your home, reach out and ask. Our team is happy to discuss your questions and help you find the right way to refinance your manufactured home mortgage.

Next Steps to Take for Refinancing a Manufactured Home

Get in touch with one of the top companies that refinance manufactured homes. At CIS Moving Home, we believe homeownership should be accessible to everyone, and our loan products offer you the opportunity to achieve that dream.

Refinancing can save you money and reward you for paying off a loan for many years. Lower your interest rate or get lower monthly payments when you refinance, freeing up more room in your budget for other things. We want to help you. Contact us to learn more about our services or complete our loan application.

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